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We stay with you until you pass your exam!

Contact Us

Have any questions or concerns? 

We’re always ready to help!


The best way to get an immediate reply 

is to send us an email to:

Make sure you put your name and PHONE NUMBER in the email.

We generally reply to email requests immediately.

Message sent. Thank you for contacting us. We'll reply as soon as possible.


Refunds are rarely requested.  However if you decide not to attend the class,  you must request a refund within 30 days of sign up.

We do not process refunds after 30 days.    We do not offer refunds once you have accepted materials or attended the class.

You can apply your class fee to another workshop

if you miss the deadline.


I paid for the class, how do I register for a date? 


Once you have paid, you are automatically registered.  

Just choose the date you wish to attend and come to the class.  Your payment is your registration.  Just show up!  

How successful are your classes?


We have a very high success rate of passing.  Most students pass the first time.   We pride ourselves in making sure we help you understand exactly your areas of weakness on the test.   Because we have worked with test takers for so many years we understand the common areas that confuse people.  Our classes are successful because of this understanding.

Is this just for a one day workshop? 


Yes.  However, some students will sit in the class a second time to help clarify the information.   You do not need to sit in a second time but you are welcome to if you need to.  You do not need to pay again to sit in the class if you sit in again for the next class.   But you should do them  back to back. within the same test cycle.   

Most classes run every two weeks per  test. 

What if I take your workshop and fail the test again?

Most people do not fail after taking the workshop,  However if you double up on tests or rush to take a test when you aren't ready there's a chance you can fail.  Only take ONE TEST AT A TIME. 

If you do fail you can resit the class again and pay

a $20 "reaseat" fee.  However you must come back right away. If you wait months to come back you will have to pay again.  Come back right away.  


We're here for you; we want you to pass the test.  

This is all we do.   So it's important to us that you

pass the test. 


Where do I register to take the actual test? 


You must register for the test on the NYSTCE website


I'm having a hard time reaching someone by phone,  is there another number I can call? 


Bridgette Gubernatis is the Academic Advisor for all classes. She is also hearing impaired.  Although she can hear very well on her phone, she often misses calls.

However if you email and put your name and phone number in the email,  she will call you back promptly. (Generally within minutes.) 


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